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Brad his G wagon Angelina and Jennifer

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William Bradley Pitt

William Bradley Pitt, born December 1963, Shawnee Oklahoma, grew up in Springfield Missouri, his mum Jane was a high school counsellor his dad, William Alvin was a truck company owner. Our celebrity rides star was raised a conservative southern Baptist.

Pitt attended Kickapoo high school and was a very keen participant in all the sports the school had on offer, in 1982 he enrolled in the university of Missouri, majoring in Journalism, with a focus on advertising, he was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and he acted in several fraternity shows, 2 weeks before his graduation he left university and headed off to Los Angeles and worked doing odd jobs for acting lessons and food.

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Brad with Jennifer Aniston

Brad’s screen career started in 1987 with bit parts in films like, no way out and no man’s land, his TV career came the same year with parts in, growing pains and dallas. After that Pitt was getting more and more bit parts then in 1991 he appeared in the film Thelma and Louise, although this was only a small part it got him noticed and his film career really took off.

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Brad and Angelina

Brad has dated and married some beautiful women Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Lewis, and Robin Givens to mention just a few, on his relationship with Robin Givens, who at the time had just split from Mike Tyson, Tyson was so angry about the relationship between Pitt and Givens that he actually threatened to re arrange Pitt’s face, the relationship ended just after that. In 1998 Pitt met Jennifer Aniston and they married in 2000, in 2005 they divorced, while Pitt was filming Mr&Mrs Smith he began dating Angelina Jolie, they went on to marry a year later. It has been reported in some circles and publications that Brad and Jennifer are seeing each other behind Angelina’s back, click the link for the gossip. Brad has answered this by saying that he and Jennifer are still partners in a production company they set up together when they were married, plan b entertainment.

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Mercedes G Wagon

Our celbs car is one of many but the one he favours at the moment is his Mercedes G Wagon. To buy this off roader, you are looking at $125,000, but for that you not only get an off roader suv you get power and comfort, it has a 5.5 litre V8 engine, 7 speed automatic gearbox, weighs nearly 6,000 pounds, and rear wheel drive, for a car with this size engine and weight you would expect a poor MPG return, but in fact it isn’t that bad especially when you take the engine size and weight into consideration on the highway you will get 15mpg in the city 11 mpg, all in all this car is a work horse, and to be fair it is a pretty ugly looking vehicle the design hasn’t changed in quite a few years, now some people say you can judge a person by the car he drives, so now you know what car he drives you can judge yourself.

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Brad and his G wagon

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